Representative Fukumoto and the GOP




Rep. Beth Fukumoto has chosen to berate a man who won 62,985,105 votes and 304 votes in the Electoral College.  Mr. Trump won 230 congressional districts.  He won in 21 districts which former President Obama won in 2012.

Mr. Trump now President Trump is a successful business man with an estimate wealth of 10 billion dollars.   He is the father of four children, four who are adults and one child.

Mr. Trump has feet of clay, like everyone else in the world, and much has been written and will be written about that subject in the years ahead.

What interesting is that Ms. Fukumoto chose to denounce Mr. Trump before he had a chance to do anything good or bad and then berate the Republican Party in Hawaii and its supporters for being “narrow minded” and “intolerant”.

It may seem old fashion but narrow mindedness and intolerance used to apply to those who pre-judge people before they could make their case.

Ms. Fukumoto has a right to her opinion and to express her ideology but as an elected official of the people of Mililani her job is to represent their interest not the fleeting angst of a past election.

Their interest, and the interest and aspirations of people across this state, involve things like decaying infrastructure, the cost of living, property crime and a host of issues that too many elected officials in Hawaii State government have chosen to neglect.

As Republicans we believe in the ideology of good government, that the job of an elected official is to represent the interest of those to whom they were elected to serve and to this end we will continue to build.