Hawaii Federation of Republican Women


The Inauguration of Donald Trump as President and Mike Pence as Vice President ushers in a time of rapid and hopefully lasting change in the government of the United States.  We at the Hawaii Federation of Republican Women hold to the principals enunciated in the US Constitutions and its expressed LIMIT on government power. We have seen growing over the last several decades, and particularly during the Obama years, a bloated government bureaucracy, both state and federal, amassing greater power and control over both our individual liberty and economic prosperity.

We will do all we can to inform our membership and the people of Hawaii as to what is taking place in Washington DC and Hawaii and commit to building and the knowledge and leadership skills essential to encouraging all citizens to fully participate in the blessings of self government.

The Hawaii Federation of Republican Women is dedicated to the advancement of a Republican Party of authority and influence throughout the state of Hawaii.  To help accomplish this we will build on the platform and knowledge of both local and mainland ideas and strategies.  

We must unite in civic association as Republican Women of dedication and commitment to rebuild our party, our state and our society! 

Our combined strength will grow as we all learn the lessons of leadership and commitment and build the endurance needed to lead our state.

We must develop an agenda worthy of our fellow citizens trust and build a Hawaii State GOP with broad and effective reach on all islands.

To our members, and those inspired to become members, we thank you, and we ask you to join with us in one spirit to build a better and brighter future for our beautiful island home.


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