National Federation of Republican Women Presidential Profile

National Federation of Republican Women

 Presidential Profile

April 18, 2016


Information provided on candidates for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination does not reflect an endorsement by the NFRW. It is for information only.
The NFRW board unanimously adopted a resolution in March calling on members to actively support and work to elect the 2016 Republican nominee for president, as well as all Republican candidates for federal, state and local office.
Click HERE to read the NFRW Unity Resolution.
The Republican National Convention is less than 100 days away. More than 50,000 people are expected to visit the Cleveland area from July 18-21.
Check out the latest RNC video and catch the excitement.

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For the 2016 election, the NFRW’s goal is to take back the White House and maintain our Republican majorities in the House and the Senate!
This is one of three profiles prepared to highlight each of the candidates vying for the GOP presidential nomination in Cleveland and help members get involved with the candidate of their choice (See panel at right for links to all three).
With NFRW membership support, we will elect a  Republican President in 2016!

WHY is DONALD TRUMP running?
Mr. Trump is committed to making America great again both economically and politically.


WHAT makes DONALD TRUMP a great candidate?
  • Devoted to veteran causes, including serving as Grand Marshal and raising millions for New York’s Veterans’ Day Parade on the 50th Anniversary of WWII.
  • Proven business leader both domestically and internationally.
  • Definition of the American success story, building a sports, entertainment and real estate empire that sets the standard for excellence.
  • He is self funded.
  • He is not a career politician.
  • He is an accomplished author of more than 15 bestsellers; his first book, The Art of the Deal, is considered a business classic and one of the most successful business books of all time.
To learn more about DONALD TRUMP, watch this video.
Donald Trump Nevada Victory Speech
Donald Trump Nevada Victory Speech


HOW do YOU help?
  1.  VOLUNTEER for the Trump campaign – contact him through his website.
  2.  DONATE – your time not money to the Trump campaign. Mr. Trump is funding his own campaign.
  3.  LIKE Donald Trump on Facebook; talk to friends and family across the U.S.! Tweet: @realDonaldTrump #Make America great again.
  4. JOIN Turn America Red NFRW for the latest news on the presidential race.
 Donald Trump with NYSFRW’s Ontario County Republican Women’s Club President Trisha Turner.

NFRW Campaign Committee

Barbara Trautman – Chair

Karen Newton – Vice Chair                    

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