The American two party system has created a large “none of the above” constituency group as people seek ideological purity in the midst of the pig pen of human political struggle.

Politics is Dirty!

Like an unwashed bathtub or soiled baby diapers this is supposed to represent a clever observation of the obvious, but it’s often just another excuse to avoid the thankless and messy task of continuous political and cultural clean up.

The perennial and often justifiable disgust with the modern Republican Party highlights just how difficult it is to maintain and preserve our Democratic republic.








Consider the advantage the Democrat Party has enjoyed in politics thanks to its historic appeal to the more base inclination of human nature.   The lust for things at subsidized or no cost, the bodily lust for pleasure and the lust for self-importance whether real or imagined.

The Republican Party on the other hand was birthed as a moral crusade against slavery.    It was created not to serve the wealthy, the powerful or the privileged, but rather by those who had little or nothing to offer in return.

This should remind people of the modern pro-life plank of the Republican Party, since the pro-life position, like abolition before it, requires the same level of heroic effort and self-sacrifice.

Like the abolitionist of the 1830’s, 40’s and 50’s, the Republicans who oppose the juggernaut of abortion find themselves confronted by the wealth, privilege and political power of the abortion industry in a David vs Goliath struggle.









Couple this with the Democrat Parties cavalier attitude towards the unborn.  Once again relegating human life to the status of commodity to be used and manipulated in marketing “freedom of  choice” for constituents at the loss of life and liberty for non-constituents.

No wonder the Cultural Left with its authoritarian collectivist ideology and its inbred hatred for Judeo Christian values has taken over the reins of power in the modern Democrat party.

This defect lodged in the Democrat Party institutional core has much to do with the habits and structure built into it by its staunch pro-slavery and pro-segregation past.



On the other hand the Republican Party, has at its core, a natural structural inclination of defending life and freedom grafted in from its abolitionist, anti-segregationist founding.



So the age old battle the founders struggled to address, the lust for power, human greed, and self-deception has to be confronted, checked and restrained by each generation.    Or that generation will find itself subjected to the all too common fate of misery and impoverishment.

Some will reject this assumption of an institutional bias in the existing parties but it still leaves the essential fact that there can only be two parties in US politics (with the exception of the American Left engineering the creation of a one party Marxist state).

The success and folly of the party of Lincoln reflects much of human nature as it oscillates between exaltation and depravity.  But to imagine anything of value coming of either the self-enfeebling idea of abandoning the Republican Party ( for a party of what?) or sinking into a self-inflicted twilight zone of apathy and despair which only further empowers the worst in human nature and politics.












As the the descendant of a battle wounded veteran of the Union Army, the grandson of faithful subjects of the Kingdom of Hawaii, and the son of a Prince Kuhio Republican.   I will stick with the Party of Abolition, and of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution, and the only party with any hope of protecting and preserving our freedom and liberty for future generations.