Losing Money In Hawaii

Hawaiian Electric withdraws request for approval of LNG contract Honolulu Star Advertiser July 25, 2016


 Natural gas will also significantly reduce the cost of fuel for electricity producers. Based on the actual amount and cost of fuel consumed on

Oahu to produce electricity in 2015, LNG would have saved electric utility customers $132 million in fuel costs. Hawaii Gas estimates that natural gas will reduce electricity utility customer fuel costs by about $1.3 billion over a 15-year period.

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Once again members of the Democrat party have chosen special interest over people’s interest.  NextEra was too big of a fish to be allowed into our little pond, and going forward with LNG conversion of island power plants would undermine the “renewable energy” mantra.

Artificially high electrical cost is placed directly on the backs of business and residence.   Hawaii Gas estimates LNG would lower the cost of a family’s electric bill on Oahu by 30%.  That easily works out to hundreds of more dollars a year to spend on family needs not utilities.

Control of the economy is the hallmark of the Democrat party in Hawaii and nationwide.  Many legislatures have little business or life experience outside of government, and as such show little interest in independent thought or action.

Hawaii’s era of One Party rule is costing island citizens countless thousands of dollars a year.  The meager return in union jobs in and out of government (often, as with rail, at crippling expense) is more than offset by the lack of affordable housing, stagnant wages, rampant homelessness, environmental and public facilities’ decay and the list could go on and on.


For the missing voters and the frustrated island reformers the need for an alternative to the present political system is both a moral and pocketbook issue.

The whole point of a 2 party system is human nature is easily corrupted and needs accountability for their and our own good.  To accomplish this we need a vibrant Republican party, able to win elections and hold elected public officials to a standard of accountability.

Hawaii will continue to suffer financially and physically until the reality of this fact takes hold of citizens and elected leaders alike.




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