Purpose Statement




The Hawaii Federation of Republican Women actively supports Republican candidates, while providing strength and unity for political action.

We encourage Republican women to run for officer, and support all women to defend the common sense values of  limited government and become effective agents of community action and personal independence and freedom.

We understand the critical need for up-to-date information and the dynamic interchange of ideas and action plans necessary to revitalize  our Hawaii Republican Party and the Hawaii State government.

We will work with all people to build a Hawaii that honors and supports the following agenda:

  • Supports limited government on the federal and state level
  • Supports the Bill of Rights and its clear cut defense of individual freedom
  • Supports democratic free enterprise that allows small business to thrive and encourages the growth of business and society-wide wealth through innovation and transparent government policy
  • Does not use the power of government to suppress or support any agenda outside the scope of the enumerated powers of Federal and State Constitutions.
  • Encourages the lawful conduct of society and its members through  fiscal and political policy that allows the growth and constitutional protection of the private freewill associations (church, non-profits, volunteer groups) so vital and effective to a dynamic free society

HFRW will encourage and support its members  to stay effective and involved by being a source of year-round service for Republican women and volunteers, and by building strong cooperation with the party and campaign organizations and undertaking assignments and projects to impact our state for a better future.

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